Keep control of your shared files

Snapp helps you send your file to your friends.
No need for share links, e-mails, or messaging services.
Just your files, directly on your friends' devices.

You'll Snapp. Here's why

Share files instantly

Get full control over what you share. Use the app to send your files directly to the desired recipients.

No need for links or e-mails

Your friends will receive your files directly on their devices. No need for being both online at transfer time.

Fast, safe and secure

We temporarily store your files on the Amazon S3 facilities, AES-256 encrypted.Your recipients will handle the file when they are ready. We will erase your contents from the cloud once the transfer is complete.

Be productive!

Knowing instantly how your recipients handle your files is vital for your productivity. That's why we deliver instant notifications to inform you about the actions of your recipients.

No need to keep your private data in the cloud if you just want your files to reach your friends' devices.

Ready to share? What are you waiting for? It's FREE!

The Team Behind Snapp

Just some guys tired of share links over and over again!

Alessandro Diaferia

Alessandro Diaferia

Software Engineering Lead

Francesco Grieco

Francesco Grieco

UI/UX Design Lead /
Software Engineer

Mike Wilkerson

Mike Wilkerson

Social Media /
Customer Support Lead

Davide Santangelo

Davide Santangelo

Web Developer

We share files several times throughout the day. We were tired of sharing files via email, links, cloud services or IM. So, we created Snapp, a simple application that allows you to share files and nothing else in a simple, secure and fast way.